My experience in Oslo

Here I will share my images and impressions from my Oslo visit in April-2014.. Only 2 days.. but enough to be impressed from a city.. First only couple of photos which I like to show.. To be honest: Even it's been months that I visited Oslo.. I was not able to select and post-process.. In the meantime further photos were taken during other tours.. which I also will provide by time..

Kiss & Sail

This view is especially fine due to the sky.. which is not boring.. In addition the few words "Kiss & Sail" offering to enjoy the time.. I underline that it is not common that by mid of April the weather in Oslo can be that fine.. No risk no fun :-)

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Hello World.. Here I am..

After years with several and rarely tries in vain to set up my homepage now here I am.. I assume the reason was both myself (with lack of time and knowledge on Wordpress) and my former web-hoster ( Thanks to Koken and my new web-hoster ( with a very strong & prompt support I was able to set-up this page within a "short notice"...

Even though I needed several tries without success with Koken but hereto I am sure the mistake was sitting in front of the monitor!

My idea and aim is to share with you my journey on photography.. Not only the technical development of mine.. Also the influence on the way I observe my environment and my feelings..

I have to thank to Thomas Dan Jessen for this photo which he took during our last common Iceland-Workshop.. More details and photos will be part of my homepage..